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Sell Your Excess Computers

Thank you for visiting Hardtec.com. Hardware Technology is a leader in point of sale and financial products from such manufacturers as Burroughs, Digital check, Panini, Canon, Epson and Craden, just to name a few. We stock and service thousands of financial printers, Burroughs Check scanner, Burroughs/Unisys sorters, encoders as well as many Unisys Servers, Monitors, workstation and parts. We also have a large inventory of digital tablets, Wyse terminals and network test equipment. Whether you are a bank looking to repair or service your equipment or a third party service provider, we have what you need all in one location. Check out our store at www.hardtecsurplus.com for deals and on-line sales. Also feel free to contact us with items you wish to sell. We are always looking for products to add to our ever expanding inventory.

The staff at Hardware Technology has 70 years of combined computer and printer repair and service experience. Our 10,000 square foot warehouse contains state of the art repair and burn-in facilities. We offer up to one year warranty on all products and services to insure complete customer satisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you. To go directly to our store click here: www.hardtecsurplus.com

Sell Your
Excess Banking products
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  • Banking printers
  • Epson TMU printers
  • DP500/600 sorters
  • ES7000 servers
  • CLEARPATH servers
  • Libra servers

Check scanners

  • Canon CR55
  • Canon CR180
  • Magtek Excella
  • Unisys Source NDP
  • Burroughs Smart Source
  • Digital Check


  • Link MC5
  • WYSE 30/55/60/75
  • MAX 700/800/900
  • WYSE 325
We accept